Access Control Group Launches New Feature for Wireless Asset-Tracking Device

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Access Control Group recently announced an update to its wireless asset-tracker device, Vital.

The latest updates now make it possible for Vital to create multiple automated preventive-maintenance (PM) scheduling, send maintenance requests from the trucks and receive alerts of approaching due dates via email or SMS, according to the company.

The updates make it possible for managers to utilize Vital to not only capture hour meters and track assets but also manage the entire maintenance process. The new feature will eliminate unexpected downtimes from issues with the assets and any “pencil whipping” to send a request to maintenance, the company noted.

“Maintenance is just as crucial to an operation as the equipment they fix,” said Access CEO Arun Patel. “We developed Vital with the goal to help rental fleets capture hour meters and track their assets via GPS. However, there was money on the table for dealers and fleet managers to also manage their maintenance processes. With that in mind, we looked for a way to facilitate the communication between managers, operators and maintenance , while serving as a device to set up schedules to take care of the equipment before it breaks.”

Multiple automated PM scheduling now can be set up with Vital per recommendation of equipment manufacturers to ensure managers receive reminders before maintenance is due. Dealers now can keep track of those reminders via the Asset Control cloud platform, AssetPro 360, and send those alerts to service managers that rented their vehicles. Once maintenance is performed, it can be synced with the user’s business system.

Managers now can request service right from the equipment, eliminating time for filling out reports. The request is sent to the desired personnel, who receive the alert via email or SMS.

“With those reminders, operations will be able to lower avoidable downtime, keep all equipment in good condition and save on budgeted break down,” Access Control Group said in a news release. “Vital’s new feature makes investing in telematics not only affordable but also attainable.”

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