CalAmp Introduces New Telematics Technology to Combat School Bus Stop-Arm Violations

October 21, 2019 6:28 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

CalAmp is celebrating School Bus Safety Week by introducing new technologies to help school bus fleet operators and law enforcement collaborate to combat the national epidemic of school bus stop-arm violations.

Controlled by the school bus driver, the arms are designed to stop both lanes of traffic while students are boarding or departing a school bus. Of the roughly 500,000 school buses across North America, approximately 100,000 of those equipped with CalAmp’s in-cab tablet and Synovia fleet-management software can now track when and where motorists are violating the stop-arm. Easy-to-understand reports are aiding police in highly targeted enforcement.

The team behind the IHS Markit award-winning Here Comes The Bus mobile app designed a solution that allows school bus drivers to push a single button on their tablets to record, in real time, every stop-arm violation.

“As a parent and a business leader committed to being part of the solution for safer roads, I’m pleased to announce the latest innovation from our Here Comes The Bus team aimed squarely at helping schools and law enforcement deter stop-arm violators,” said CalAmp CEO Michael Burdiek.

“We know this is an emotional issue for our customers and parents and for me personally, as I had a close friend whose son was struck and killed as a result of a stop-arm violation. Our team has developed a simple yet powerful tool that demonstrates the full capability of telematics coupled with problem-solving software. We are working closely with our customers to widely deploy this technology to play our part in keeping students safe as they travel to and from school.”

Law enforcement officers nationwide conduct regular operations targeting motorists who violate school bus stop-arms. State legislatures nationwide have adopted more aggressive laws to deter stop-arm violations, associated with the larger trend of distracted drivers. Meanwhile, an online petition was circulated last year to help urge the White House to tackle this nationwide student transportation issue.

“We are intently focused on continuing to innovate and create solutions that boost safety, cut costs and improve service,” Burdiek said. “It’s exciting to better serve our current customers by offering this potentially life-saving technology that makes roads safer and keeps students more secure.”


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