CalAmp UK Subsidiary Launches Telematics Products for Car Dealers

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CalAmp recently launched the TRACKER-branded SmartDealer lot-management application in the United Kingdom, along with SmartDrive.

SmartDealer is designed to boost auto dealers’ profitability and enhance customer loyalty, while SmartDrive provides a range of connected-car services for consumers.  

The solutions integrate with CalAmp’s Telematics Cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, which will help accelerate TRACKER’s continued expansion and delivery of connected-vehicle services across the United Kingdom, according to the company.

TRACKER is a wholly owned subsidiary of CalAmp.

By accessing vehicle location, battery status and VIN, SmartDealer enables dealers to manage inventory, shorten customer wait times and individualize the onsite customer experience, according to the company. That same connectivity can be sold through to the customer as SmartDrive, allowing dealers to offer timely services and discounts, thus securing after-sales revenue.

Customers can opt-in to allow dealers to receive vehicle diagnostic information for proactive response to maintenance and repair issues. Identifying and addressing vehicle issues before they develop into serious and costly faults will enhance the customer’s vehicle-ownership experience and build stronger relationships between customers and dealers over the long term, according to the company. 

“TRACKER’s integration of CalAmp’s SaaS telematics platform is another example of our ability to deliver innovative automotive services to more markets worldwide as part of our strategic global expansion and drive to increase SaaS revenue,” said Justin Schmid, senior vice president and general manager of LoJack international operations for CalAmp. “Through TRACKER, we are bringing technology innovation and expertise to the U.K. automotive retail market and putting dealerships in better touch with their customers to deliver tailored, proactive after-sales services. SmartDealer and SmartDrive support dealers in exceeding the expectations of their customers, while generating recurring revenue in a competitive U.K. market.”

SmartDrive gives consumers access to a powerful world of SaaS-based connected-car services, including:

  • CrashBoxx – Automotive OEM-grade crash detection, providing dealers and loved ones with real-time notification of when a customer’s vehicle is involved in a collision, including severity of the crash and damage estimation.
  • Tripwire Early Warning – Timely alerts if a customer’s car moves unexpectedly, in cases where it is towed or stolen.
  • Stolen Vehicle Location Assist – U.K.-based trained agents help in case a customer’s car is stolen; a simple call can help quickly locate and track the vehicle.
  • Journey History – Track business or personal trips with easy report documentation.
  • Virtual Boundaries – Notification when a loved one arrives at their destination.
  • Speed Alerts – Notification if a loved one goes faster than they should.
  • Where’s My Car? – Easily pinpoint your vehicle on the map.

“Car dealers in our region continue to face increasing challenges in an economically uncertain time,” said Kriss Cocomazzi, sales and marketing director at TRACKER. “SmartDealer and SmartDrive harness CalAmp’s international telematics expertise and TRACKER’s market-leading stolen-vehicle-recovery technology to help dealers proactively meet consumer vehicle-ownership demands. Together, these solutions help boost a dealer’s bottom line, whilst improving brand loyalty and the customer journey.”

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