Emerging Vehicle Technologies and Aftermarket Opportunities in Focus at AAPEX 2019

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Attendees at this year’s AAPEX will have the opportunity to see how the auto care industry is staying competitive in the age of advanced vehicle technologies.

The aftermarket will soon be maintaining the cars of tomorrow, and the Auto Care Association’s Emerging Technologies Booth at AAPEX will present the latest solutions for standardization of the maintenance and repair of automated systems – ensuring safe and dependable vehicle operation long after the warranty expires.

The Emerging Technologies Booth will feature three informational kiosks highlighting vehicle-technology progression, what the latest technological developments mean for the consumer and what the aftermarket industry is doing about it today.

The Auto Care Association, in partnership with Q-Free, Concepts & Services Consulting (CSC), Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), OnBoard Security and Coolfire Solutions, will provide a wide range of information on the technologies, including:

  • Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Connected and automated vehicles (CAVs)
  • V2X
  • Automotive embedded systems
  • The Secure Vehicle Interface (SVI)

The booth will feature video demonstrations, live presentations, discussions and more.

Implementations of recently approved international standards that were sponsored by the association will be demonstrated, showing that direct, local access to vehicle data can be secure, safe and authorized by vehicle owners.

“In less than five years, 90% of new cars will be wirelessly transmitting real-time driver-behavior and vehicle data,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO of the Auto Care Association. “These advanced vehicle technologies will have a lasting influence on our industry, which means securing the authentication and standardization of accessing vehicle telematics will be vital to the aftermarket’s ability to maintain and repair these vehicles down the road.”

During the three-day AAPEX show, attendees can view live presentations given by industry experts on the association’s current technology initiatives, including:

  • ADAS
    • How the current state of ADAS recalibration is quickly becoming a critical safety issue and an unexpected financial burden for the consumer, and how the Auto Care Association and its partners are addressing this issue.
  • Vehicle data and communications
    • How direct, local access to vehicle data can be secure, safe and authorized by vehicle owners through implementations of recently approved international standards that were sponsored by the association.
  • Embedded device software
    • How existing software copyright laws can be applied and how the development of standards for fair and equitable access to embedded device software is vital to the repair and maintenance of today’s vehicles.

“The importance of being able to control your own vehicle’s data cannot be stressed enough,” said Joe Register, vice president, emerging technologies, Auto Care Association. “The development of technical solutions based on SVI – standardizing the safe, secure and direct exchange of vehicle data – is ultimately what will give consumers lasting control over their data and their vehicles, allowing them to choose exactly which shop they want to have their vehicles serviced and repaired.”

AAPEX attendees can view these presentations Nov. 5-7 at the Auto Care Emerging Vehicle Technologies Booth (No. 31021), located in the Technology of Tomorrow section of the Venetian Ballroom in the Venetian Hotel.

There also will be a special forum on the challenges and opportunities of ADAS taking place from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 7, in the Bellini Ballroom. The session will expound on how to generate new business today, the legal implications of improperly performed ADAS recalibration procedures and the next-generation of ADAS recalibration tools and techniques for the future.

For more information about this year’s Emerging Vehicle Technologies Booth at AAPEX, contact [email protected]

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