Eyesight Technologies Awarded GGAI Intelligent Networked Commercial Vehicle Golden Globe Award

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Eyesight Technologies announced it has received the 2019 GGAI Intelligent Networked Commercial Vehicle Golden Globe Award.

The honor is awarded based on factors such as market share in respective fields, product reputation and OEM-oriented research results, and recognizes leading companies that have made outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of intelligent network commercialization. 

Eyesight Technologies has created intelligent sensing solutions such as DriverSense and CabinSense that utilize edge-based computer vision and AI for safer and better driving experiences. Eyesight Technologies focuses on in-cabin sensing solutions, offering driver-monitoring, driver-identification and occupancy-monitoring solutions. The technology is offered to OEMs and Tier 1 providers as embedded solutions to be integrated into new cars as well as aftermarket solutions to be installed in existing vehicles by fleets and telematics-system providers.

“We are excited to have been selected to receive this prestigious honor for our innovative and intelligent solutions,” said Ben Li, Eyesight’s VP of sales for APAC region. “This award recognizes the successful results of many years of research and development and our leading role in China as well as in the global market, providing embedded and aftermarket driver monitoring solutions.”

Eyesight Technologies offers three main products:

  • DriverSense – Driver-monitoring system that tracks the driver’s eyes, eyelids, pupils, head and gaze to determine alertness, wakefulness, and attentiveness. Driver recognition and action detection also are available.
  • CabinSense – Occupancy-monitoring system that monitors a car’s passengers, for a safer and better driving experience.
  • FleetSense – Eyesight’s aftermarket DMS solution for fleets, providing a driver-monitoring solution detecting fatigue, distraction and actions such as smoking and holding a phone.

Distracted and drowsy driving are among the leading causes of car accidents around the world, with drowsiness-related fatalities in China alone accounting for 20% of the global total. In vehicles with autonomous features, driver attentiveness becomes even more of a challenge, as the car alternates between autonomous and manual modes. In these cars, keeping track of the driver’s state becomes crucial for a successful hand-off between the car and driver.


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