Geotab Exands European Footprint with Intendia Acquisition

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Geotab recently announced the acquisition of Intendia, a Spanish engineering firm specializing in integrated technology solutions for the heavy-truck market in Europe.

Poised to help strengthen Geotab’s global presence, the acquisition will add to Geotab’s engineering capabilities and bring complementary technology into the company’s product portfolio, according to the company.  

Recently ranking for the eighth time on Deloitte’s list of the fastest-growing technology companies in North America, Geotab has reported an average 40% year-over-year growth rate for the past three years. Focused on key areas such as electrification, mobility and data, the company is continuing to affirm its commitment to its current and future customers through strategic business decisions with local and global benefits, according to Geotab.

“The extremely knowledgeable team at Intendia adds immense value to Geotab’s industry leading engineering skills,” said Neil Cawse, Geotab CEO. “Geotab is enjoying rapid growth in Europe and the Intendia team will help to further enhance our ability to meet the unique needs of the European market by providing localized value-add to our customers as well as help grow our market potential.”

Headquartered in Madrid, where Geotab’s largest European office also is located, Intendia’s team has specialized in providing an integrated technology solution to customers across the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Sweden and Portugal for nearly 10 years. Intendia’s solution has helped to enable fleets to adhere to European compliance laws around driver hours, rest times and speed to facilitate safer driving behavior and improved operations.

“Intendia was founded with the goal of bringing the highest quality products and services to our fleet customers,” said Juan Javier Baca Moreno-Torres, CEO of Intendia. “Our highly skilled hardware, firmware and software engineering teams have delivered on this goal and we look forward to expanding Geotab’s product and services portfolio and continuing to deliver industry leading technology, tailored to European fleets requirements.”

Welcoming more than 150 attendees to its Mobility Connect conference in Estoril, Portugal, earlier this month, Geotab continues to focus its efforts on not just global expansion, but European expansion specifically. The company recently announced new office openings in Rome and Paris, and has more than doubled the number of employees working across the European continent over the last year.

“Geotab has been investing and growing in Europe for several years,” added Cawse. “Now, together with Intendia, we are in a stronger position than ever to provide our current and future customers with the ability to access the right solutions that provide data-driven insights to help them better manage their fleets.”

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