Meineke Uses Telematics to Enhance Customer Experience

December 21, 2017 8:28 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Meineke Car Care Center is using telematics to enhance the customer experience.

The chain launched Revvy in early 2017 and has seen success with the platform thus far, according to Danny Rivera, president of Meineke.

“Considering we were never expecting it to be millions and millions of devices yet, we’ve had good adoption. It’s about where we were expecting. The key thing for us is that we get smarter,” Rivera said during a December conference call.

“It’s very, very early going. It’s very leading edge technology from a retail perspective, so we’re learning a lot from that platform,” he continued. “It’s making us smarter about how we interact with customers and what customers are hoping for. I think we’ll continue to build on that in 2018.”

Customers who purchase Revvy can connect to the Meineke app and learn about their miles driven, driving style, and gas efficiency, among other statistics.

For Meineke, the company gets additional driver information.

“It gives us the opportunity to have an experience with the customer that is really not possible without the device. We can start to understand actual mileage; we can recommend specifically when you’re due for services rather than approximating when you’re due for services. That also helps us demystify things like a check engine light,” Rivera said.

In the future Meineke hopes to continue to learn more from Revvy to better serve its customers, Rivera said.

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