Qualcomm Solutions to Power Next Generation of Volkswagen Vehicles

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At CES 2017, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) announced the integration of Qualcomm Technologies chipsets in the next-generation of Volkswagen AG vehicles. These chipsets include the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820A processor for advanced infotainment systems, as well as the Snapdragon X12 and X5 LTE modems for connected car and telematics systems.

Committed to delivering rich user experiences and enhanced safety features for automobiles, Qualcomm Technologies is working closely with Volkswagen AG and other industry leaders to develop and produce one of the highest performing infotainment and telematics systems in the automotive industry. Volkswagen AG vehicles featuring the Snapdragon 820A processor are expected to be available in 2019, while vehicles utilizing Snapdragon X12 and X5 LTE modems are expected to be available in 2018.

“The global automotive industry is currently experiencing an unparalleled acceleration in technology innovation driven by tremendous possibilities in the Connected Car. Qualcomm Technologies is well positioned to deliver the cutting-edge automotive connectivity and computer solutions needed to drive the industry forward,” said Patrick Little, senior vice president and general manager for automotive, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “We are honored to work shoulder-to-shoulder with Volkswagen AG and its network of suppliers to design and deliver industry-leading solutions that will help define next-generation user experiences and accelerate the future of automotive.”

Connectivity remains a key technology in providing exceptional in-car experiences as high-quality cloud connectivity is necessary to support critical features such as over-the-air updates, navigation with real-time updates, news and local information, emergency assistance and diagnostics. Connected car and telematics systems in select Volkswagen AG vehicles will utilize the Snapdragon X12 LTE and X5 LTE modems. Both modems have been designed with leading LTE connectivity to support fast downloads, swift application performance, as well as provide enhanced thermal efficiency and optimized power consumption.

“As we look at the future of the automotive industry, we see mobile technologies at its core, and connectivity as its foundation,” said Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger, head of electrical and electronic development, Volkswagen. “Utilizing Qualcomm Technologies’ expertise and leadership in mobile technologies, we look forward to having our next generation of automobiles feature highly advanced telematics and infotainment systems that support superior connectivity for the security and safety of our consumers, as well as high bandwidth support for autonomy and multi-media capabilities.”

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