Raven Connected Announces New Telematics System

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Raven Connected announced that Raven+, its newest product, will be unveiled for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January 2020.

Raven+ “features major advances in driver and vehicle safety, perfect for individuals or fleets,” the company said in a news release.

Based on Raven, the company’s original all-in-one connected-vehicle system for consumers and businesses, Raven+ features a sleek, new hardware design with a bigger screen, driver-assistant displays and a thermal-mitigation design that allows the device to operate in even the hottest environments.

Raven+ leverages the GPU on the Qualcomm Vision Intelligence Platform based on the Qualcomm APQ8056 chip and Qualcomm AI Engine to provide improved power efficiency and AI performance, according to the company. Raven+ cameras incorporate Mapbox’s Vision SDK to perform road-facing AI and simultaneously detect and encode roadway events. The Vision SDK detects impending collisions, tailgating, stop-sign roll-throughs and speed signs in real-time, relaying the information instantly to drivers and passengers, while documenting the roadway data for fleet managers and operators.

“We’ve been collaborating with the Raven Connected team to ensure Raven+ is fully compatible with our Vision SDK, powering sophisticated computer-vision features on their platform for detecting all types of driving events, from tailgating to pedestrian alerts,” said Tory Smith, product manager for the Vision SDK at Mapbox. “We’re very excited to be involved with the unveiling of this new all-in-one connected-vehicle solution.”

Raven+ builds on Raven’s robust feature set, including dual dash cameras, security, GPS tracking, navigation, Wi-Fi hotspot, facial recognition, geofencing and vehicle insights.

“The Raven+ platform is perfect for implementing advanced vehicle AI systems like Mapbox Vision SDK as a real-world solution,” said Dan Carruthers, CEO of Ottawa, Ontario-based Raven Connected. “Technologies such as these help our consumer and business users improve driving behavior and vehicle safety.”

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