VOXX Advanced Solutions, Motion Intelligence Announce Partnership

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VOXX Advanced Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corp., and Motion Intelligence today their partnership “focused on delivering a unique driver-safety technology that combats distracted driving in fleet and passenger vehicles.”

In 2017, the trucking technology company Zendrive studied 3 million anonymous truck drivers over the course of three months. During the study period, the drivers made 570 million trips and drove 5.6 billion miles. Shockingly, on 88 percent of the trips, the truckers used their phones while driving. On average, drivers spent 3.5 minutes of every hour looking at their phone’s screens.

Motion Intelligence, a Colorado Springs, Colorado-based provider of software technology, has developed a multi-solution platform based on the detection and precise location of mobile devices in vehicles. The Motion Intelligence solution is made up of a software component, Evvy, and a windshield-mounted device, FSD1, both of which are manufactured and distributed by VOXX.

Evvy installs as an application on the user’s mobile device or can be integrated into existing software and telematics solutions. Evvy works in tandem with the Audiovox FSD1 windshield-mount to identify any smart mobile devices in the driver’s zone and to prevent the driver from texting, using social media or any other apps while the vehicle is moving. Fleet managers can configure the to enable apps such as navigation and Bluetooth.

“We are thrilled to finally find a product and software solution that can actually have an impact on the epidemic problem of distracted driving from the use of handheld devices in fleet vehicles,” said Tom Malone, president of VOXX Advanced Solutions Corp. “Fleet managers now have a tool that allows them to control what a driver can access on a handheld device. It does not, however, restrict the driver from accessing apps such as navigation or Bluetooth operation as determined by the fleet manager. We expect to see significant adoption by some of the largest fleets in the U.S. and Europe to start.”

Sue Spradley, CEO of Motion Intelligence, said the main priority is to eliminate a driver’s hands-on use of their mobile device behind the wheel, while enabling the driver to use the device safely.

“To do that effectively, we needed to be able to detect any mobile device in a vehicle, then pinpoint exactly where it is in the vehicle,” Spradley said. “That precise location information allows for a multitude of device management applications which enhance driver and passenger safety. And this ultimately saves lives.”

Evvy “provides a neutral, consistent way of keeping us honest when we’re driving,” Spradley added.

“There’s no opt-in, turn on, remember-to-set,” she said. “It’s just there, working automatically from the moment you leave, until you stop.”

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